June 14, 2017

#WIPItUpWednesday-No Reasonable Shifter Would Fight An Attraction To Their Mate #Shifter #RomanceNovel

Hi Everybody! Happy Wednesday to you all. The week is halfway through and I think you deserve a bit of fun to get you to the weekend.  

Today I have an excerpt from my untitled awolf shifter fic. The pic below is my inspiration for the beta male of the pack who is also the mate to the alpha- he just like his alpha, has just been thrown a curve ball he was not ready for!

Trying to fight his attraction to Josette seemed wrong.  Hell even abnormal. After all what reasonable person would fight an attraction to their mate.  He closed his eyes and shook his heads. Humans didn't have mates.  They had husbands and wives.  Werewolves had mates.

There I go trying to break my rule again.

His inner wolf scratched at his heart, buffeting his emotions into a mass of confusion. He inhaled again, taking in her scent.  Heady, he almost needed to sit.

She is your mate, his wolf said.

No. I won't. I saw what Zayger went through.  I'm not going to let that happen to me and I'm sure as hell ain't gonna let that happen to him again!

Frustrated at his unwillingness to comply his wolf howled.  He growled forcing it quiet. 


  1. I agree with your hero, Clare. He shouldn't fight his attraction to Josette. He should give in and accept fate. ;-)


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