January 7, 2017

#SatSpanks- A Spanking Is Just What She Needs #Dom #Sub #BDSM #RomanceNovel

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  This is my first foray into the world of pleasure filled swats but I know you will enjoy my first among many excerpts into this sexy form of erotic punishment.

This week, I have an excerpt from my upcoming BDSM Contemporary Menage set in a castle in the English countryside with one rather frustrated Dom and his naughty submissive.  She's been a bad girl and in definite need of 'Dom-ly' attention.



An Excerpt from His Unexpected Love...


“Yes Sir," she said.

"Before I begin, I'm giving you this opportunity to use your safe word and we shall end this session and heretofore our commitment for the weekend, no questions asked.”

It was her insecurity that had gotten her into this trouble and she was not going to let it do it again.  He said she was willful, she would prove to him that she was not.

“No Sir.  I am ready.  You may begin anytime you wish.”

The leather tab on the crop landed on her left cheek with a loud thwack.  She pursed her mouth tight to keep from crying out.

“Julianna I do not hear you counting.”

“One,” she said through gritted teeth.

Another landed on the opposite cheek immediately.  

“Two,” she said breathlessly as tears streaked down her cheeks.
He gave her another and another in rapid succession.  With each strike, it was clear how wrong she'd been about him. Not only did he care about her, he desired her too.  She groaned as moisture poured out of her slit. 


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  1. Hi! I'm hosting for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks again! Ohh! I hate when the Dom makes the sub count. It's so hard to do!

    1. Thank you for hosting! And it is the worst!!

  2. It sounds as though he's willing to teach a willful girl a lesson. Hot snippet!

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    2. That's what a good Dom is supposed to do? Right? Btw thank you for stopping by! Hugs!


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