April 5, 2016

Monica Beggs by #SheriFredericks He'd Never Allow Anyone To Hurt Her #Contemporary #Erotic #Romance

From the perspective of an Adult Film Actress:

Being a porn star isn’t always so easy, even for one who’d won many AVN Awards—the equivalent to an Oscar.

Monica Beggs is on her way home from shooting Spring Break on Horny Island, her latest exotic locale film. In her conservative businesswoman outfit, she’ll hardly be recognized on the ferry.

Unbeknownst to Moni, a crazed fan in the form of a South American godfather has turned her onscreen image into a twinkle in his corrupt eye. He wants her for his own, and “no” isn’t a word used in Don Santiago’s presence.

When Finn Daniels boarded the ferry, the last person he’d ever thought to see crossing the deck would be the sexy brunette from Star Whores, his favorite porn movie. Nor did he expect underworld thugs to watch her tail. While they’d have no problem kidnapping the porn star, the ex-special forces man turned surfer would never allow harm to befall on Monica Beggs.


Monica Beggs is more than the hottest porn star out on DVD—she's Finn Daniel's next assignment.

Lights. Camera. Lube?

Famous porn star Monica Beggs wrapped up another grueling on-location movie shoot when the Colombian cartel attempted to kidnap her. Their guns are as real as the price on her pretty head.

Former Special Ops and present day surfer, Finn Daniels recognizes a lady in distress when he sees one—especially if it’s his adult film crush being hustled out the door. He’s no longer in the business of busting up the underworld, but that doesn’t deflect his moral compass.

In a fast-paced adventure—over land, sea, and air—playing it hot and heavy will lead them straight into action!


“How much time do we have?”

Finn smiled, his boyish charm shining through. “Twenty minutes. Why?”

Moni stepped back and pretended to size-up the sexy man. She couldn’t wait to rip his shirt off and take a peek below the belt. “I bet all I’ll need is ten.”

His mouth dropped in an exaggerated look of aghast. “Maybe for you. But honey, I have afterburners you know nothing about.”

The military were sticklers for being on time. Precise, right down to the second. If twenty minutes remained on the clock, more like nineteen now, Moni wanted every second to count.

“There’s something I’ve wondered ever since you buckled my seatbelt.” His eyes tracked her tongue as she purposely moistened her lips. She sashayed back to the end of the bed and sat down.

Finn stalked her every step. He came to a stop with one powerful thigh wedged between hers. The side-seams of her pencil skirt stretched to near splitting in order to accommodate his additional jean-clad intrusion.

“Ask me.” His voice warmed her like a fine aged whiskey.

The pole raising a tent in his jeans hovered near her face. Need thrummed through her veins with every beat of her heart. Tension coiled, building a delicious density in her core. It took all the sexual training she possessed to not reach out and run the tips of her fingers over his impressive bulge.

No, not yet…

She waited, bit her lip and drew the moment out. Choosing to remain quiet until she saw his hands flex into fists not once, but twice.


“Are you sweet—” Moni leaned forward, keeping her fingers gripped tightly to the bed. She inhaled his musky, virile scent as she drew the side of her nose along his hard length. “—or spicy?”

“Holy shit.” Finn’s tone turned to gravel and he made a choking sound.

When Moni straightened away, his hips pushed forward, following her retreating mouth as if his cock were magnetized. His enormous package strained the thick material of his jeans.

The rumble of Finn’s deep voice tightened her nipples to hardened points. In her sitting position, she placed her palms on his flat stomach above his belt. Pushed her palms up his chest, stroked her left hand over the starched twill of his shirt while popping buttons with the right. Beneath his oxford, the defined muscles twitched at her touch.

Rapid breathing filled her ears and she was surprised to realize it was her own. In the V of his shirt’s opening, she discovered tanned skin—smooth, warm, and lightly furred. A mouthwatering contrast against the white of his shirt.

Oh, baby.

With three buttons left to go, Finn took charge. Apparently eager as her to remove the shirt, he grabbed-up the loosened material behind his neck. In one fluid motion, he pulled it over his head and flipped it like a Frisbee toward the open closet door.

Desire burned in his eyes. “You’re so beautiful, Monica.”

She paused her hand above the button of his pants.

Right person, wrong name.

Thoughtfully, she ran the pads of her fingers along the path of his fuzzy love trail, from the indent of his bellybutton to where the hair disappeared beneath the waistband.

Why it was important, Moni didn’t know. It’d never bothered her before. Then again, she’d never met a man like Finn. Whatever the reason, she didn’t like him using her professional name. Not now.

Her profession… That was the name of her pet white elephant wedged between her turbulent emotions and the surfer before her.

Suddenly, the essential reason became clear: This wasn’t sex for money in the form of a film. This was something wholesome and pure.

Moni Beggs the woman, wanted Finn Daniels the man.


Monica Beggs

About Sheri

Always on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, award-winning author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating romantic adventures.

A former engineering secretary, she lives on California’s beautiful central coast. "I wanted to move away from a profession of inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries." A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories of her own. "Ultimately," she says, "my husband encouraged me to write them all down."

Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award, and a Finalist multiple times for InD’Tale eMagazine’s Reward Of Novel Excellence award (RONE), she has numerous five-star reviews everywhere eBooks are sold.

Sheri loves to spend time at home and connecting with readers. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.

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