December 1, 2015

A Little Yule Magick by Skye Ritchey


Sygin and Boyd are adept mages, looking forward to their winter break. Being alone in the big manor for Yule is their most cherished tradition. But a series of mishaps may keep them from their celebratory festivities.


Boyd Lagassi shifted his position and dragged Sygin Ball up to straddle his thighs. "I want your famous fried honeycakes." His mouth closed over her nipple and he flicked his tongue back and forth.

Sygin moaned low in her throat. "Famous only because it's one of the few things I can make and not screw up." She rocked forward, lifting her hips and pushing backwards onto his hard shaft.

Boyd closed his eyes, relishing her warm heat. "And it's tradition. Five years and counting." He flexed his thighs then relaxed and let Sygin control the pace.

She kicked up the speed, her hands planted firmly on his chest. He opened his eyes, loving to watch her. Her passion for him took his breath away, her expressive face showing every nuance, her gaze going darker, the green irises going from a soft leafy color to a deep pine shade.

Her hips rolled back and forth, her breaths coming in short little bursts. Not long now, for either of them. Boyd slid his hands down to cup her ass, urging her forward. Her fingers curled into her palms, the knuckles grazing his skin, rasping against his flesh. He welcomed the mild discomfort, needing the edge to hold off, wanting his release to follow hers.

Sygin's head dropped back and her internal muscles tightened around his cock. She gasped then groaned. Boyd thrust upward, bumping hard against her clit and she cried out, the orgasm washing over her, sending a shudder through her body. Boyd let go, sliding over the brink. His hands grasped Sygin's hips, fingers digging into the soft spot above her pelvic bone. He came, his head thrashing on the pillow. Sygin collapsed atop his chest, her forehead resting on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

She pressed a kiss to his collarbone. "Can we skip class today and just stay in bed?"

He chuckled. "Something tells me if we don't show up, we'll have the entire student population knocking on our door."


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About the Author:

Currently a writer and editor by trade, Skye Ritchey, also writing as ML Skye and Skylin O'Thomas, can usually be found on IM or browsing the web while the TV plays in the background. She credits her parents for developing her fascination with 'what if' scenarios.

Growing up, she watched a mish mash of science fiction, westerns, and military dramas and read about other worlds and distant times along with contemporary romance… thanks to her mom's reading group—a wild, wacky bunch with diverse tastes that never failed to entertain.

She started writing short stories in grade school, switched to poetry in high school, and got sidetracked by a myriad of jobs and starting a family. But the writing called again and now she gravitates toward the genres she grew up loving, combining them with sensual and erotic romance set in different times and places. Meeting her husband on a blind date—after swearing she'd never go on one—Skye decided to never again say never.

'What if' couldn't exist if she did.

She resides in Ohio with her husband and children.






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