August 1, 2015

My Sexy Saturday- A Look at the Sequel to the Merry Chris Mas

Excerpt from my WIP- The second book in the Love Play Matchmaking Service.

Chris shifted his position.  His emotions wafted from embarrassment to excitement as he watched the BDSM scene in front of him.  He'd never seen one before but he'd heard about it plenty of times from his friend and neighbor Anthony Powell or Master Powell to his friends who lived the lifestyle as well.  Though he hated to admit it, he was damn curious about the whole thing especially because of the way Anthony talked it up.  For him, it was love, trust and stability in a world that barely offered any of it.  

Raised in a very traditional home, he'd never even considered BDSM as a viable lifestyle but then again, he'd never even considered being in a menage with a woman and a man.  Now a year into their marriage his life felt perfectly normal.  And because of that, he felt he could handle something even more unconventional which was he accepted his friend's invitation to his anniversary party that would include a Kinbaku scene- a Japanese style of bondage involving binding a submissive with rope in an intricate pattern.  

Anthony swore that it would not harm his husband in any way and that he'd see that his husband Eardward actually enjoyed it.  An accomplished bondage master, he taught the art to other Dominants at a nearby club.  
Chris looked at the slim man bound and suspended above the floor vertically.  He appeared to be in no pain and seemed content.  Eardward Powell, Anthony's second husband and slave to him and his other husband Scott, remained silent throughout the evening.  He wondered if he'd been told to be that way or was it something he chose to do on his own.  

A low moan followed by a sigh escaped the sub's mouth.  The man closed his eyes tight as firmly wrapped coils of thick rope embraced his body.  Suspended from the ceiling, he seemed unaware of his circumstances. Eardward looked peaceful. It was as if he wasn't even aware of the intense gazes of the half dozen people who watched in enraptured silence.  

 Anthony walked to Eardward and lightly brushed his chin with his fingers.  This time the man groaned as if signaling his unspoken pleasure.  It had been two hours since the cocktail party started.  Actually it was more of an anniversary party then a general gathering of friends for Master Anthony Powell and his two husbands. Having been to married for five years, their lives seemed to flow without effort.

Anthony had invited there family to join his in a celebration of their marriage because they were all good friends.  But he and Anthony had also become close friends.  They shared a lot of things in common- like growing up in large families, serving in the military- himself serving in Afghanistan and Anthony in Iraq.  They both were in the Special Forces and knew what it was like to be responsible for his people's lives and he knew the pain of losing a couple of them too.  But more important, he too sought out love from the Love Play Matchmaking Service and found it with two people in a way he never allowed himself to consider before.  Now blissfully married to the two men he loved, they now shared their lives together in a small town whose residents consisted of Love Play's satisfied customers.    

Chris watched as Anthony kissed his other husband, Scott passionately.  He then motioned for his other husband Eardward to stand and approach him.  He kissed him then slapped his bare behind causing a loud thwack to echo across the room.  Both men clad only in a jockstrap, it was easy to see that they had been aroused for some time as their dicks bulged against the leather.  

Chris felt his brain go into overdrive as he became more and more turned on by their actions. He tried not squirm as his own erection rubbed against the cloth of his underwear.  He pulled his wife close, hoping to shield the growing wood inside his pants.  Beside them, their husband, Chris Poole whom they now called Nate, sighed deeply before exhaling a long ragged breath.  He knew that sound too from many rounds of love making with their wife.  Nate was just as hard as he was.  Suddenly the room had become very warm.
How long is this party suppose to last?  

He slipped his hand underneath Jilly's shirt and rubbed her belly.  Bolts of electricity streaked through his body.  He caressed her soft skin and pulled her close.  The bulge from his erection pressed against her back.  He hoped she would get the signal that he needed some relief.   

Jilly squeezed his hand.  Her warm flesh made his nerves tingle arousing him even more. The pressure in his dick increased.  He didn't know how long he could last before having to go into a dark corner in order satisfy his hungry dick.  Of course, going home to get some relief was an option as well.  Though they lived next door, at this point the walk back would feel like miles.  The last thing he wanted to do was fuck his wife on his neighbor's grass.  

Oh god when is this thing going to end? 

Coming Soon!

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