February 11, 2015

Liberate; A New Hidden Oaks Romance by Ana Raine


Carson and Tate have been running for months, trying to evade the JIA so they don't end up lab specimens for the ruthless organization. In a last ditch effort, Carson and Tate head to Alaska, where other Changelings are congregating in an attempt to find a way to control their thoughts and emotions when they shift to their animal forms.

The secret to maintaining their human consciousness may lie in Carson's blood, but Carson believes he no longer holds the key to his kind's freedom. With their future on the line, Carson realizes the most important part of his life will forever be his mate, Tate, but how can he trust a man who never tells him the whole truth?


      “Carson,” his voice was velvety smooth and sweet behind me. The motel we were currently in wasn’t all that bad, everything considered. At least the locks on the door worked and our room overlooked a pool that didn’t look completely gross.

“You’re back,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around my naked chest. I’d always been slender and small, unlike my very attractive mate who beat me in stature and height. But our lack of eating had only made my frame smaller, if such a thing were possible.

“I’m sor-"

I held up a hand to stop him, afraid my legs would give out beneath my staggering body if I didn’t. “If you’re going to say you’re sorry, please don’t.”

His ice blue eyes softened and he ran a hand through his shiny blond hair. My hair tickled my bare shoulders because of how long it was getting.

I suddenly laughed a nervous gesture. “Do you happen to have any scissors?”

He smiled and joked, “Aren’t planning on giving up, are you?”

“No, just want to cut my hair.”

His eyes darkened as he crossed the distance between us and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Now why would you do something like that when your hair is so gorgeous?”

I blushed all the way up to my ears. Even after all we’d been through, he still did that to me. “What’s in the bag?”

We switched cars and license plates so often; I was starting to feel like we were in an action flick. Tate had gone out alone to get some supplies, which always drove me crazy with worry.

“Ah,” he flashed his straight white teeth. When he transformed into a wolf, his teeth became sharp and even whiter. “Food, clothes, surprise…”

I narrowed my eyes. “What kind of surprise?”

Going over to the bed, he picked through the multiple grocery bags before tossing me one. The first thing I saw was a box of cookies, which I eagerly tore open like a ravenous animal and bit into. The second was a pair of swim trunks, bright blue.

When I looked at him, mouth full of cookie, he held up another pair of swim trunks. Nodding his head towards the pool, he asked softly, “Want to go?”

I swallowed, “It’s practically midnight.”

“Motels don’t have curfews for that sort of thing. And even if they do, I didn’t see a sign anywhere.”

Tate was giving me the most bemused expression so I had to ask. “What on Earth is so funny?”

“You. Even after everything, you’re still one to follow rules.”

I blanched and pulled down my pants so I could change into the swim trunks. “I was going to be a psychologist.”

“You still could,” Tate whispered, eyeing my brief nakedness with a look of raw hunger in his eyes.

“If I can ever remember what I was studying,” I admitted, tying the string securely around my hips. 


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Ana Raine Author Bio

Ana is still figuring out what she wants to do with her life, although social work seems to be the most likely. Her best friends are a box of chocolate and her kitten who always sit beside her while she writes.

When Ana was in high school, she often wrote about the LGBT community, but now her work is less…innocent. Ana enjoys writing anything and everything, including BDSM, dragons, shifters, magic, and more. 

If you’d like to follow her, here is her blog site. http://anarainebooks.blogspot.com/

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