July 23, 2013

Love's Bright Star by Virginnia De Parte- Her Inspiration for the Series

Inspiration for the story.

Love’s Bright Star started with the idea of a woman with cat genes meeting up with a man who could stop time. My challenge was to create an incident where James needed to stop time, and from there I had to decide how to build his romance with Siobhan from this initial meeting, to a satisfactory conclusion. It is a romance! 

This is my first book in the series about the genetically-altered Corban family. Set in the future I was able to decide how these people came to be genetically altered and their lifestyle as a result of their genes. While writing it other characters poked their heads up over the parapets and became part of the romance. 

Although the first in the series, it is a stand-alone story

Love’s Red Heart is the romance between James’ sister Jill, who has chameleon genes and Dr. Michael Scott, who features in the last chapter of Love’s Bright Star. This time I wanted to have something a little different as a point of dispute between the couple. Being a New Zealander I gave Dr. Scott a dash of Maori genes. I researched the wildlife and trees of the Red Desert of Australia and combined some of the spirits of the Aborigine Dreamtime period to weave into this romance. I have been to Alice Springs and Uluru and fell in love with this spiritual place. I tried to transfer some of my love of the Red Desert into this novella.

A Talent for Loving is the third in the series, again a stand-alone story and is the prequel to the other two. It’s the romance of James’ parents, their childhood background, adoption and eventual meeting. Set in Melbourne, Australia, it follows these two ‘rejects’ from the initial breeding programme, the development of their talents and their struggle to live anonymously within society. Creating this story allowed me to develop the background to the creation of these genetically altered people, and the reason they live “under the radar” in society. 

I’m currently writing the fourth in the series, the romance of Stella Corban. The more I write, the more I discover delightful and interesting characters emerging, demanding to be heard in a story of their own.  I’m not sure where I’ll go after Stella’s romance. I have so many choices.

Here are some quick blurbs about the books!

Love's Bright Star  by Virginnia De Parte

A romance, fraught with heart stopping moments, and time stopping episodes.

Siobhan, a professional photographer with cat genes, is rescued from a night club attack by James, a University Lecturer, who can stop time.

Set in the future these two genetically altered people fall in love. Against James’ wishes Siobhan becomes pregnant.

Their relationship topples and during a scan the baby disappears from the screen, alerting the Defense Department of her possible talent. James and Siobhan, when interviewed, separately convince the Agents their relationship is over, but can Siobhan forgive James his continued absence, broken only when he stops time to talk to her at a city Mall?

Determined to rear her child alone Siobhan and her friend Anna prepare for the birth.

Can James return in time to save the child, Stella, from her own talents, which will put Siobhan and he, and their future together in jeopardy?

And Don't Forget To Pick Up:  

Love's Red Heart

In the near future genetically altered individuals live among the wider population, not always trusted, wanted or even accepted. Jill Corban, a nurse from a  g-altered family is  looking for ways to control her chameleon genes. A vacation in to visit her family teaches her these skills and a meeting with Dr. Michael Scott offers her a chance at the kind of love she’s given up hope of ever finding.
Their romance takes a dusty trip through the heartland of Australia, blending tales of the Dream Time with adventure. Is their attraction to each other strong enough to survive the challenges of prejudice, a time stopping rescue, and challenges to Michael’s research programme?

Can their desire survive these events and grow into love?      

Discover the beauty of the Red Desert and how the power of love can change a life, for Love’s Red Heart beats within us all.


A Talent for Loving

Talents come in many guises. 

William and Belinda, two genetically altered individuals meet years after leaving the government-rearing nursery for genetically altered infants. Their late development allowed them to escape a life devoted to the government's defence departments. If their skills are now discovered they are in danger of conscription by the government.

William, whose talent is to move through space between locations in the blink of an eye, has devoted his life to protecting other ex-nursery adults. Belinda occasionally uses her talent, lifting objects of great weight with her thoughts. Their meeting leads to love and a raft of problems both struggle to overcome.

Can they trust each other enough to allow love to bloom? Can they risk the renewed attention of the Defence Department?

A Talent for Loving explores an alternate reality and discovers the one talent neither Belinda nor William can control - love. 

Visit Virginia at her blog:  www.virginniadeparte.blogspot.co.nz/

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