March 3, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

A Sneak Peek at my latest WIP!   ( A little over the limit but I know you will enjoy.)

Happy Reading!

       “This one is definitely a member of a Kith,” Tom said pointing to the boyish looking one with a crew cut and several tattoos on his arm and one on his hand. “And the other...”

        He paused pushing up the left sleeve of the other who wore the same tattoo as the first one's.

      “--Is also member of the same kith. Looks like we've got a progenitor in our midst,” he finished and stood, wiping the dust and gravel off his pants.

      “Who's their Sachem?” Frank asked. He knew of only one in the area, his own and he was standing in front of him. Having been a faithful member of his Kith for three decades, he wasn't aware of anyone else within the town's territorial bounds who would consider scioning in the area for fear of the mayor's influence and power as the lead alpha male in the community.

    Tom thought for a moment. A wry grin crawled across his mustached mouth. “You won't believe it.”

    “Try me,” Frank said.

   “Mcclain. I remember seeing this on my brother before I had him banished.” Tom folded his arms and scratched gray and white whiskers above his lip. “He's Wayne and Florence's son. You remember them? Their beta died some years back some sort of accident, scared the kid really bad.”

   “Oh yes I remember hearing about that. Surprised the old guy survived the death of his Beta, he must be tougher than he let's on,” Frank replied .

   “Anyways their son left years ago then moved back to town recently. Brought a Dam and a Sire with him, he picked up in his travels. Remember, Susie officiated at their ceremony,” Tom said rubbing his chin, apparently lost in thought. “Had no idea he produced scions until I caught my brother associating with him. He swore to me that he was the only one Mcclain scion. I guess he lied to protect him.”

   He thought momentarily and chuckled. “I suspect Mcclain acquired the taste for scioning while away. He definitely didn't get it from his father.”

   “You think he's gonna be pissed?” Frank asked propping his rifle on his hip.

    As a rule most males Kithed when they were young and single, not after they married.    Usually it was because the need to create scions was quashed by the desire to procreate. Either Mcclain didn't have any desire to make children of his own or his drive to scion was a hell of a lot stronger than most. His scions were causing trouble which meant if he didn't get a handle on it, he was the next target in front of his scope.

    “I'd would. So you can imagine how he'll feel,” Tom replied, “but the law is the law around here. Can't get around that.”


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