July 19, 2012

Being Human- Season 3 and They Sing Too!

The Cast of Being Human

To my Dismay I missed the San Diego Comic Con.  It looked like fun for all at least that's how it was promoted on G4.  Either way I am a sucker for those types of things.

I was especially excited to see the actors from the Syfy Channel's Being Human there holding a guest panel discussion on the last day.  

For those of you who don't know, Being Human is an American production of a British TV show of the same name.  It features the live of three twenty-something roommates living together in a Baltimore apartment.  The hook of the show is they are trying to live normal lives because one is a werewolf, another is a vampire and the other is a ghost.  

At first I tell you when I saw the previews of the show in the first season, I thought this is a little dark for me. But one day I was snagged by an all day marathon run by the Syfy channel and I was hooked.  

From Josh's neurotic tendencies to have a melt down in any crisis.  To Aidan's struggle to maintain and hold everything together inspite of his bloodlust and Sally's constant search for love and normality it grabbed me.  

And it doesn't help that Aidan is absolutely gorgeous too.  

But enough about me.  This third season looks to be more promising than ever!  Even though I couldn't be at the Comic Con a blogger from IO9 was and he had some interesting things to report about the cast along with some video clips too!  Take a look!

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